Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Data Laws Percolating Through House

According to this article from CNET two bills are slowly wending their way through the house commitee structure on their way to a floor vote. The first of those bills, the SPY Act is intended to prohibit certain practices commonly used by online advertisers that place additional data or programs on user's computers. The second of those bills, the Social Security Number Protection Act would ban the sale of social security numbers, though the bill does carve out exceptions to the ban, and raises some concerns among privacy advocates because it preempts potentially more stringent state laws.

The biggest question with both of these bills, of course, is what will happen to them as they reach the house floor, and what compromises will be made trying to get them through the senate. However, whatever compromises are made, it seems likely that, in the near future there will be (at least) one more set of federal requirements to worry about for entities which store, collect or distribute information abou third parties.

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