Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Roundup

A few links of interest having to do with data privacy and information security. First, there's this article from Computer World which says that Facebook and MySpace users are happy to trade privacy for features. Really, this isn't a big surprise (I blogged here about a Wired story which described the small value most people place on privacy), but it is yet another data point showing just how little most people care about privacy. Also of interest is a current series of posts at the Dunning letter where Jack Dunning lays out his proposal for how individuals can control (and profit from) their personal information. Jack is highly knowledgeable about privacy issues, having worked on the inside as a junk mailer for years, and now working on the outside trying to improve privacy protections for individuals.

However, what has been devouring my internet time of late isn't actually privacy related - it's the "don't tase me bro" story (link to a discussion of the underlying incident here). Hopefully when that has played out, I'll find myself less distracted, and more able to provide some substantive analysis (especially of Jack's recent posts, which certainly deserve careful consideration).

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