Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stuff I Want to Blog About

Unfortunately, I'm about to leave on vacation, and the effort of trying to get my various work related projects in order before I leave has resulted in my not being able to write any kind of substantive blog post this week (and not much of a post last week either). Anyway, in lieu of a substantive post, I'll have to provide this: things I would blog about if I had time.

First, did you know that a major bug in the domain name system (it's the thing that actually makes the internet work) had been found? Did you know that the bug could be used by phishers to redirect people from trusted sites to data gathering or malware distribution sites without their knowledge? What kind of liability might attach to that situation? Products liability for DNS vendors? Negligence for sysadmins who don't patch? If I had time, I'd be blogging on those questions. However, as it is, I'll have to leave them hanging.

Also, Ecora actually has an interesting post on counterproductive effects of regulation. Normally, when people complain about regulation, it's something on the lines of whining about the cost of being forced to do things they should be doing anyway. However, Ecora's post discusses something a good deal more realistic - the cost of having to store data that you otherwise wouldn't. Normally, I'd like to address their argument (for example, would companies really purge their data if not for regulations like Sarbox?). However, as it is, I'll just link and leave the addressing for another day (assuming nothing happens while I'm on vacation, of course).

And now even this post is taking up more time than I realistically have. Oh well...I suppose I'm not that good at the non-substantive blogging thing. In any case, I'll be back the second week in August. While I might put something up between now and then, I wouldn't bet on it. Until then...

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