Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different (and totally surreal)

Question: What happens when a criminal forum is taken down?
Answer: The criminals who used said forum launch into an orgy of mewling self pity so miserable that even an attention whoring toddler whining about being sent to bed without dinner would consider it undignified.

A little background: What happened is that the forum DarkMarket, which was used by criminals to (among other things) swap stolen identities and tools for stealing more, was shut down. For most people, this is, of course, a happy event, though one which I think will likely have minimal long term significance in the overall world of identity theft. While clearly this is a setback to the criminals who used the forum, my expectation would have been that they'd slink away, perhaps to start up another forum to replace the one which had been closed. However, after reading this article about the closing of the site, it's clear that my expectation would have been wrong. Instead of slinking away, the criminals who used the forums started posting self-pitying screeds about how they were downtrodden victims, and lamenting the unfairness of it all. To me it's just nuts. What kind of a warped individual would respond to the closing of a criminal board by stating that "There must be another solution to the problem. Do we just let them win?"

Oh well, I suppose that's why I went into law, rather than turning to a life of crime.

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