Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I wouldn't give for some time...

Actually, I know very well what I wouldn't give up for some time. I wouldn't give up my productivity at work, or my relaxing evenings with my wife. However, if I would give those things up, I could write a great blog post on proposed changes to California's security breach notification act. Instead, I'll just mention this article from Computer World, and quickly note that the proposed changes require businesses that suffer breaches to report them to a centralized authority, not just to the people whose data is compromised.

Of course, if I were writing a really good blog, post, I wouldn't just talk about the proposed changes, but instead I'd try and put them in broader context, perhaps by referring to this post from the Threat Level blog, which describes a panel discussion on whether notification laws "work". I might even have some analysis on the proper way to measure the efficacy of notification laws.

As it is though, I'm not writing that blog post, I'm writing this relatively uncreative excuse for a blog post. Oh well. On the bright side, I'm still a good lawyer by day, and I've had a nice evening with my wife.

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John Taylor said...

Duly noted William. I've been off on a tangent lately (party fueled by great weather. Although I've read the proposals and ammendments there is so much to choose from these days.