Monday, June 28, 2010

Tech Apologies of 2010

Wired put up an article on the biggest tech apologies so far this year (link). The list is:

  • Google: Sorry about Buzz, Street View Privacy Issues (providing information to unwelcome Buzz "followers" and recording WiFi data while making Street View maps)

  • Adobe Apologizes For Old Flash Bug (failing to patch bug for 16 months)

  • McAfee’s Antivirus Snafu (releasing update that shut down computers running XP)

  • AT&T Begs Pardon for iPad E-mail Breach (allowed hackers to identify email addresses of iPad customers through a flaw in an authentication web site)

  • Facebook Apologizes for Privacy Shortcomings (Sort Of) (Mark Zuckerberg issues non-apology for constantly changing facebook privacy policies)

  • Ellen Degeneres Didn’t Mean To Hurt Apple’s Feelings (Apparently, a comedian made fun of Apple...and this made the list why?)

  • Apple: Sorry We Couldn’t Keep Up With iPhone 4 Orders (The description says it all)

Not separately counting the two separate Google apologies squished into the top bullet, that makes 3/7 apologies for privacy gaffes. The moral of the story - privacy mistakes are the gift that keeps on giving, at least in terms of bad publicity.

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