Friday, February 23, 2007

So Far, No Copyright Liability for Lax Network Security

The RIAA is currently in a battle which could have major implications for individuals or organizations which have security practices which allow others to use their equipment to download and distribute copyrighted material. As part of its ongoing campaign to scare people away from filesharing networks by suing individual consumers, the RIAA has asserted that a computer owner is guilty of indirect copyright infringement based on unauthorized downloading of songs by individuals using that person's computer. At present, the RIAA has been unsuccessful with this tactic, and is currently seeking reconsideration of a District Court's decision to award attorney fees to the accused computer owner (the award of attorney's fees is available here). However, if the RIAA continues to press this type of case, and is able to achieve success, it opens up an additional type of liability for people to be concerned with.

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