Wednesday, February 7, 2007

To all U.S. copyright infringers: if you thought the RIAA was tough, you should see what they do to infringers in Russia.
Apparently, Russia has been mounting a high provile crackdown on intellectual property infringers as part of a bid to gain entrance to the WTO. During the crackdown, a school teacher, Alexander Ponosov, has been caught using pirated software in his classroom. Now, Ponosov faces punishments including...wait for it...detention in a Siberian prison camp.

CNN has the details here. Of course, it's still an open question whether Ponosov will be shipped to Siberia. However, in my mind at least, this story raises questions about the measures some people (at the behest of U.S. copyright ownerss) will take to protect intellectual property. While copyright infringement is a problem, detention in a Siberian prison camp for a school teacher using software he likely didn't know was pirated should not be considered an acceptable solution.

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