Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Identity Theft Blog

One of the most difficult things about running a blog is finding good material. True, it seems there's a new data security breach every few days, but reporting that another million, or thousand, or ten million records have been compromised gets old fast. Thus, I was happy to be discover (discover in the sense of follow a link left in a comment) a new ID theft blog: ID Theft and Business. I look forward to using it as a source for informed comment on the subject, and (hopefully) picking up a few ideas there to use for my own posts.


Dilly said...

Here's a scary new type of identity theft called wireless skimming. It can be done with your RF tagged cards. The RF tags on debit and credit cards, ("Wave and Go with the PayWave!")door access cards, employee badges, store loyalty cards and the new REAL ID driver's licenses can be remotely activated, that information captured and cloned.

We have invented and are marketing a new American product called the Armadillo dollar firewalls that you carry in your wallet to protect your identity.

Please visit to learn the latest on wireless ID theft.

We tell users how to protect themselves from using wireless phones, wireless keyboards, unsecured WiFi and even WiFi secured with WEP can be hacked (YouTube shows one hacked in 4 minutes!) can also customize your brand on our RF shields, so you can protect the identity of your premier clients.

Thank you for informing others!

no fax payday loan-david said...

Identity theft is can happen to anyone, a very scary situation. Just lately, I found an article here. This is all about hackers that plague google results. The major targets are the reputable non commercial domains such as This is a big concern since these malicious acts are done just to gain profit and some unfair advantage. Let us all be wary of these acts of deception. I am very thankful for for posting this article. It is very important that all people become aware of this especially their targets.

Sarah Smith said...

You may also want to consult as a great source of information for your blog too.

Jason Dickens said...

The general public just doesn’t take this stuff seriously. People think it won't ever happen to them. Wake up America it's real!

Jason Dickens
Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

dexter said...

Thanks for the good read, I will definitely return for an update!

Ishan said...

This is a very interesting article. Identity Theft has to be classified as the biggest fraud that is being committed nowadays. The sheer number of people that are effected by it is just mind boggling. I read on FTC Website that that more than 9 million Americans are impacted by Identity Theft every year. And a big reason for that is people still do not fully understand What exactly Identity Theft is. Most of the people still think that Identity Theft means stealing someone's Social Security Number. But that's not true, and Identity Theft has a much wider scope. I wrote a small article to explain What Exactly Identity Theft is. It can be read here:

Unless we completely understand what is Identity Theft, how it occurs, we cannot do much to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

About Identity Theft and stolen passwords, recently I came across a site that uses Biometrics of finger, face and voice verification so the user just scans to log on. You can read more at