Monday, June 30, 2008

Observation on Legal Blogging

While looking at Hack-igations I noticed a fun little statement at the bottom of his post:
[Again, all my blog comments are just public discussion and not legal advice for any particular situation.]

He had one on the previous post as well:
[Again, nothing I say on this blog is legal or other professional advice. It is just general public discussion. If you need expert help, you should not rely on this blog. You should go get help.]

This (at least for someone with my sense of humor) is one of the funny side effects of being part of a profession that basically sells words - when we give words away for free (e.g., on a blog) we have to make very sure that no one confuses the public comments on our blogs with the legal advice that we sell professionally. Of course, I have a similar disclaimer here (it's at the bottom of the page above the link to Patent Baristas), but mine's a permanent part of the setup. I thought it was funny that Ben at hack-igations seems to write a new disclaimer for every single post he puts up.

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