Friday, January 9, 2009

Hallmark E-Card Virus

Today I received an email (actually, several emails) with yet another virus. Unlike Antivirus 2009, which has the potential to trick unsuspecting users by masquerading as a legitimate program, this one, which appears to spread via email attachment would only catch the absolutely most unsophisticated. Indeed, unlike some email viruses, this one doesn't even bother trying to personalize the emails it sends out. Instead, it uses the following generic message:


You have recieved a Hallmark E-Card from your friend.

To see it, check the attachment.

There's something special about that E-Card feeling. We invite you to make a friend's day and send one.

Hope to see you soon,
Your friends at Hallmark

Your privacy is our priority. Click the "Privacy and Security" link at the bottom of this E-mail to view our policy.

I'm not sure what to say about it, except that anyone who trusts a card from an anonymous "friend" who wants them to open an email attachment probably has so many viruses on their system already that one more won't do much damage (either that or an antivirus program strong enough to protect them from themselves - something I recommend all users get regardless of their sophistication).


Anonymous said...

That is a bit harsh!! Not everyone is computer literate like my grandma for example.. It doesn't mean she is unsophisticated, just means she isn't aware of the threats of viruses....

Marc said...

Actually, one might think that people who fall for such a hoax are unsophisticated, but the truth is, there is no correlation between sophistication and gullibility - my guess is that that even Mr. Morriss has fallen for a hoax or two in his day.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten two of them! one from hallmark and another from amazon claiming to update my shipping information. The weird thing is they have email addresses that look legitimate. and

It is a pretty weak attempt though, as none of the links in the email work, and the attachment in both of them are the exact same.

I'm kinda weirded out.

Anonymous said...

I had a couple of emails almost identical to the one above, although instead of inviting me to open an attachment, it invited me to click on a link. I thought it was suss that there was no name of who sent the card, so I googled and found this thread - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting - just received two of these from "" today, so it still seems to be making the rounds.